Painting Business Unit

Our powder coating facility developed in 2009 performs the powder coating of our metal parts, flexibly and considering the high quality requirements of our partners.

Our Business Unit

Our automated electrostatic powder coating assembly line is comprised of complete degreasing, ferrous phosphate application, rinsing, drying, powder coating and powder varnish burning units, thereby covering every technological step necessary for our processes, including the powder coating of simpler sheet metal parts or complex – even large size – cabinets. Our modern design GEMA paint booth equipped with automated pistols, connected to a paint applicator, provides a cost-efficient surface treatment solution for our clients, by its powder recovery system as well as by helping fast switching between colors.


Our paint business unit places great emphasis on the efficient utilization of its surface treatment capacity. By this we offer an option for one of the best available powder coating services to our current and potential partners involved in multiple market segments, such as the automotive industry, telecommunications, or the manufacturing of industrial products as well as medical applications.

Specific parts are transported to each station on a constantly moving conveyor belt by the use of the proper specialty tools/suspending elements. In many cases certain surfaces of the painted parts must be protected from paint, thus masking is necessary before painting, which is performed at a separate workstation in consideration of production-efficiency aspects. In order to achieve the most comprehensive service, numerous additional activities are connected to the main powder coating process. As a result of these the uninterrupted and scheduled implementation of preparatory and repair activities is ensured, including polishing works or the sandblasting treatment of smaller size parts.

Constant development

Our company is committed to constant development and implementing investment projects, which are necessary and also guarantee that we can provide consistently excellent services to our clients. The painting facility’s technological processes have been developed in consideration of the interests and expectations of our clients. We have implemented improvement and optimization projects in the areas of material storage, warehousing, material moving, as well as a production area expansion. At the same time we place great emphasis on the development of ergonomic workstations for the company’s employees.

All of these together make it possible for us to continually provide our current and future partners with cost efficient, flexible and high quality standard services.