Sheet Metal Fabrication Business Unit

The company’s low to medium volume manufacturing Business Unit is located at our Székesfehérvár and Törökszentmiklós sites, and it is at the service of our existing and potential clients in the area of sheet metal processing.

Our Business Unit

We provide a broad range of manufacturing services from cutting to bending and welding by the application of numerous additional technologies. We have excellent engineering support, as well as trained professional staff in every area of the supply chain, thereby our business unit can flexibly satisfy diverse market needs.


We continuously expand and develop our machine stock in the spirit of achieving increasingly high levels of automation, partly generated by the target market. Thereby we can satisfy client expectations on a high quality standard with the application of modern technologies. We have over 40 years of experience in the area of sheet metal processing. Our Sheet Metal Fabrication division plays a central role in our company’s life. Taking advantage of the opportunities inherent in our integrated manufacturing activity, our painting and assembly business units are mainly involved in the further processing of the sheet metal parts produced by the company.


The company’s broad range of sheet metal fabrication capacity is provided by our CNC laser cutting and CNC bending machines, our manual, robotic and spot welding capabilities, PEM inserters and presses, which is coupled with our JIG manufacturing ability. In addition to all this, we are experienced in the area of mechanical and electro-mechanical assembly. Thanks to these activities we have the capacity to manufacture and assemble complex control boxes and assemblies, even on the final product level. We have outstanding experience in prototype manufacturing, the management of transfer projects as well as outsourcing. We are open to the takeover of manufacturing processes and supply chains, thereby offering cost-efficient solutions to our partners.