VT-ID Barcode Systems Business Unit

VT-ID Barcode Systems Business Unit is available to our partners with continuous support of manufacturing processes, automated identification technology, distribution as well as service activities. Besides the sales and installation of the necessary accessory materials, equipment and systems, the business unit assists the operation of automated data collection and the support of industry 4.0 compatible manufacturing processes by providing repair and maintenance service.

Our Business Unit

Our VT-ID Barcode Systems Business Unit has been a significant market player in Hungary in the area of automated identification and barcode technology since its establishment in 1993, as one of the first organizational units of VTES Kft.

Our range of activities include the repair and maintenance of automated identification technology systems, networks and their connected accessories such as devices, software accessory materials and auxiliaries, as well as providing related services to our partners. In the areas of system design and consulting our competent experts with great experience are available to our partners.

As the official distributor of the largest manufacturers’ products, we are engaged in the sales of automated identification technology systems, RFID, Barcode Systems, Barcode Printers and Barcode Readers, Portable Data Collectors as well as the labels and ribbons necessary for printing. On top of all this, we provide warranty service and post-warranty service as well as contractual and occasional maintenance and repair. Our range of services include the linking of equipment, devices and other automated identification technologies supplied by the business unit to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and providing other maintenance as well.

Beyond automated identification technologies, the business unit installs and adapts MES systems, with Industry 4.0 compatibility and the managing of requirements that arise in manufacturing. MES systems can provide control of manufacturing, as a projection of Industry 4.0, by material tracing as well as production tracing and monitoring by generating real time information.

The system performs the management and control of manufacturing processes under ERP, which may comprise multiple components: warehouse management, production, tracing, online data collection from the machines through OPC-UA. It may be linked or interfaced with ERP or other systems (e.g.: BI), for which it provides the necessary data.

Our Partners