Assembly Business Unit

Taking advantage of the opportunities provided by industry 4.0, our experienced team with advanced technological background satisfies the diverse needs of our partners, typically in the area of the manufacturing of final products based on sheet metal parts.

Our Business Unit

The Assembly Business Unit has comprised an independent unit in the company since 2016. We are fundamentally engaged in the low to medium volume manufacturing of complete final products, mainly made of sheet metal raw material - including the option of powder coating – assembled with procured parts, thus somewhat driving our activity in a new direction.

Integrated manufacturing solutions

Pursuing the same strategy as our parent company, our vertically integrated manufacturing processes include the in-house manufacturing of parts and final assembly as well as the delivery and distribution of final products. We strive to increase our competitiveness by taking advantage of the cooperation between the business units within the company as well as our close relation with other member companies of the Videoton group and with our external partners. We typically implement our projects by the manufacturing of parts and their integration into procured products, or by taking over the supply chain. The successful implementation of projects is facilitated by the cooperation of the company’s business units, the support of the member companies of the Videoton group as well as our extensive range of Hungarian, regional and Far-Eastern suppliers.

Industry 4.0

In accordance with industry 4.0, the company strives for a high level of automation and we place great emphasis on production data collection as well as traceability, thereby expediting the fast and efficient distribution of our resources. Our assembly activity is performed in Lean cells, on complete assembly lines or in uniquely designed assembly premises, as a result of which we have the capacity to manufacture products ranging from simpler assemblies, through partial structural units, all the way to complex final products – including high precision galvo-motors and micro-motors or large sized industrial filtration units.


We are at your service with our experienced team for the coordination of assembly line and product transfer projects. The takeover of the entire supply chain during the Weller transfer was an excellent example of our successful implementation. In the case of this client, on the one hand low volume need was coupled with a broad product spectrum, on the other hand as a result of the project’s considerable size the company also provides a dedicated in-house intellectual capacity.

We are also open to the implementation of unique and newly commenced assembly assignments. In these cases we provide the necessary services starting from cost and manufacturing optimization, through joint designing, development and prototype production, all the way to serial production. With our DFX and DFM capabilities as well as our fast and efficient JIG manufacturing including by 3D printing, we can meet client expectation even more effectively in the area of complex assembly assignments.

We have many years of outstanding cooperation history with American and regional startup companies, and currently we intend to expand our client range with similar enterprises.